Sharon Serrago
SAT / PSAT Tutoring
By Sharon Serrago
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Prepare for the SAT / PSAT / ACT

Instruction in all areas:
Reading, Writing, Math

Private tutoring
10 sessions - 1 hour each
Sessions will be assigned to accommodate students' schedules
 Tuition  $800
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While some universities might modify their entrance requirements for the SAT on the next test due to Covid-19, Yale University is not one of them. They will definitely use these scores to determine admittance. Other schools are sure to follow. Whether the SAT scores are required for admittance or not, they are surely used to grant scholarship assistance. The higher the score, the more scholarship assistance is allotted.

The pandemic has put an unusual and very difficult burden on our students. Many missed months of any personal instruction and teacher interaction has definitely affected our students. These tutoring sessions can help fill that gap. My writing instruction covers all aspects of grammar, something that students do not get in a majority of schools, even without Covid. Math instruction  covers Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and an introduction to Trigonometry. The reading instruction gives students many strategies for approaching the questions on the reading section of the SAT. You may review the content in these areas below.

Writing              Math             Reading

I encourage you to consider this opportunity, not just for SAT /PSAT / ACT preparation, but to help make up for all the lost time and instruction that plauged so many students these past years.

 Sharon Serrago has been preparing students for the SAT/PSAT/ACT for over 35 years and has designed this course to introduce students to the concepts they will see on the PSAT/SAT?ACT.  The focus is on content, on teaching students the things they will need to know in order to be prepared for these rigorous tests.

Materials in these sessions include lessons on math, reading, and writing content that students will work through to be sure they are familiar with the content they will see on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. They will also work through full length tests from the College Board's Student Guide or the ACT Student Guide.

A Teacher in Real Time  is an important aspect of these sessions. While the College Board has begun to advise the students to get their "tutoring" from Khan Academy, no computer program can take the place of a live teacher to address a student's questions, even if the location is online. My goal is to help your children attain mastery over all the content in this important test so that they have a greater chance to become  National Merit Scholars.


Testing Experience is a necessary part of preparation for the SAT/PSAT/ACT. In these  sessions, though we will not have facilities for a monitored full-length test, I will have students take past PSAT/SAT tests at home and then discuss answers in the next class session.

Preparation for these tests will be rigorous.  Students will have homework assignments in this course. I want to be sure the students understand the concepts they will see on these important tests. When we go over their homework together, I will be able to address questions that the students have.

My goal is to help students achieve their best scores, whether it is to assure a place in the university of choice or to score high enough to qualify for scholarship awards. This course presents students with the best opportunity to give the students a preview of what is on the test and to help them get started preparing for these rigorous exams

 Course includes all three areas:
Writing  Reading  Math

CFBISD Summer SAT Prep

Enroll now to take advantage of these
utoring sessions.

10  1-hour sessions
to be arranged around the student's schedule



Classes can be held in person for those students in the Dallas, TX. area.
Students in other locations can meet online  with the GoToMeeting platform, which is
much better suited to online instruction than other popular programs used in many schools.

Questions regarding participation in these tutoring sessions
should be directed to Sharon Serrago.   214-636-4271

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