Summer Classes                 
By Sharon Serrago
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Math Section

Heart of Algebra
Substitution and simplification of algebraic expressions
Linear equations and inequalities
Function notation
Absolute value
Lines in the coordinate plane
Systems of linear equations
Systems of linear inequalities
Advanced Math
Polynomial factors and zeros
Complex numbers
Quadratic functions and equations
Exponents and radicals
Radical expressions
Radical equations
Rational expressions and equations
Exponential functions and equations
Systems of nonlinear equations
Literal equations
Characteristics of functions
Geometry and Trigonometry
Geometric notation
Lengths and midpoints
Angles in the plane
Basic properties of triangles
      Equilateral triangles
      Isosceles triangles
      Triangle inequality
      Special right triangle ratios
      Congruent and similar triangles
Regular Polygons     
Basic Properties of Circles
      Angles related to circles
      Arc length and area of sectors
      Tangents and chords
Areas and perimeters
      Areas of squares and rectangles
      Perimeters of squares and rectangles
      Area of triangles
      Area of parallelograms
      Solid figures and volumes
      Surface area
Trigonometric ratios
      Sine –Cosine –Tangent
Radian measure
Trigonometric functions  and cofunctions
Problem Solving and Data Analysis
Ratio and proportion
Unit conversion
Data Interpretation
         Reading tables and graphs
         Measures of Center
         Sampling and inference
         Elementary probability
         Conditional probability
         Geometric probability
Mean, median, mode
Number and Operation Review
Test Taking Tips
Gridding Problems
Properties of integers
Arithmetic word problems
Number lines
Squares and square roots
Fractions and rational numbers
Factors, multiples, remainders, prime numbers
Sets – union, intersection, elements


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