Sharon Serrago
CFB-ISD   2020 
Summer Classes
By Sharon Serrago
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Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD
Prepare for the SAT / PSAT this summer!
Online in real time or on location

Summer Classes: June 8 - June 26
Class times to be announced
depending on gov. stay at home orders

Review Sessions and Practice Tests in the fall
Sept. 5, 12, 19, 26
9:00 - 12:00
Held at New Smith High School


These are unprecedented times as we face the corona virus pandemic. In order to turn the tide of infections, we have been ordered to avoid large groups that might spread this virus. As a result, schools have been closed and classes have been cancelled.  However, you can still participate in these SAT preparatory classes with me online, in real time!

I have been presenting online classes to students across the United States for several years. So continuing with these classes for Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD will not be a problem.  I use a conferencing software that allows students to see me and my computer screen in real time as I teach the lessons. Students are able to speak to me and ask questions, they can hear me as I respond, and at the same time they can watch me on their computer screens as I demonstrate solutions to their questions.


The program I use is GoToMeeting. It is free to the students and is easily downloaded. Students receive an invitation from me to join the sessions, and at our specified class time, I begin teaching. In order for students to use this program they will need a webcam. Most laptops have these built into the computer. Desktop computers may need to purchase one that will plug in to a USB port. They are not expensive, perhaps $20 or more.

Students will also need the two books we will use in the class. I will furnish those for the students. We will arrange a time and place for parents/students to safely pick up those materials from me.


If you have questions concerning these classes, please email me soon. We need to begin registration as quickly as possible so that we can begin with the logistics of setting up these classes for you. These strange times will pass, and the SAT and PSAT will take place as planned. Now is the time to be sure your child is prepared.

To register now, follow this link. Registration

Sharon Serrago has been preparing students for the SAT/PSAT for over 30 years and has designed this summer course to get students ready for the PSAT/SAT in October. Our materials are thorough and comprehensive. We focus on content, teaching students the things they will need to know in order to be prepared for these rigorous tests.

Materials in this course include an extensive notebook of math, reading, and writing study materials that students will work through to be sure they are well acquainted with the content they will see on the test. They will also receive The Official SAT Study Guide by the College Board.


Teachers in the Classroom  are important aspects of this course. While the College Board has begun to advise the students to get their "tutoring" from Khan Academy, no computer program can take the place of a live teacher in the classroom to address a student's questions. When our students are confused about a problem, we will work with them until they understand. Our goal is to help your child attain mastery over all the content in this important test so that he has a greater chance to become a National Merit Scholar.


Testing Experience is a necessary part of preparation for the SAT/PSAT. In this course, students will take four complete College Board PSAT tests so that they have the experience of a timed environment for testing. Students will receive scores for the tests the same day so that both parents and students can note the progress they are making in raising their scores.

Preparation for these tests will be rigorous. In order to cover all the material that will appear on the exams, students will have homework assignments in this course. A great deal of studying is necessary to prepare for the SAT/PSAT.

Our goal is to help students achieve their best scores, whether it is to assure a place in the university of choice or to score high enough to qualify for scholarship awards. This course presents students with the best opportunity to prepare for these tests and to learn the material they will need to know.

 Course includes all three areas:
Writing  Reading  Math

CFBISD Summer SAT Prep

Pre-test date: May 9.
3 weeks in the summer
plus 4 Saturdays in the fall 



The tuition for this comprehensive prep program is $700, but because CFBISD believes

in offering you this opportunity that may open doors to your college future,

the district is offering a $500 scholarship to our high achieving CFB scholars.

The amount you will pay is only $200.

Thank you CFBISD!


Classes will be held at Newman Smith High School
or online due to the pandemic.
2335 N. Josey Ln.
Carrollton, TX 75006
Students will enter at the north entrance of the building.

Students seeking enrollment in this program
must be actively enrolled in Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD schools.

To enroll by mail, download the enrollment form here.

Follow the link below for registration and payment.

Questions regarding participation in these SAT/PSAT classes
should be directed to Sharon Serrago.   214-636-4271

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